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Life After Death – Introduction To Death


A Study about life after death needs to begin at the beginning — death. what is death? Is death real? How do we die? These are just some of the questions we will answer in the lesson. Speaker: Donald Gelles Study Guide:  Introduction To Death (1 of 2) Introduction To Death (2 of 2) Date: […]



Is Your Congregation adopting denominational practices? A look at 7 blights of denominationalism. Why choose an imitation of the church when you can have the REAL CHURCH? Speaker: Donald Gelles Date: March 28th, 2020 Class

Praise and Worship Teams

They can’t quite sing. What to do? What about Praise Teams or Worship Teams to help the congregation sound better? Do we select individuals to sit among the congregation with microphones and sing along with the members or select individuals to stand in front of the assembly and sing independent of the congregation? This type […]

Spiritual Malaise


What are 8 symptoms of a Spiritual Malaise? At one time, the churches of Christ were listed as being the fastest-growing religious group in the United States. That growth has slowed dramatically – Why? Speaker: Donald Gelles Date: March 15th, 2020 Class

What Does The Bible Say About Gambling?


A raffle, a lottery ticket or a roll of the dice, is this a form of entertainment? After all 60 percent of Americans gamble. Even the Apostles “gambled” in Acts 1:26. Learn how gambling effective Norma Crutcher, Keith Davis, and Shannon Sanderson. A lesson on what the Bible Actually Says about gambling. Speaker: Donald Gelles […]

What Does The Bible Say About Dancing?


Since the beginning of time, Dancing has been around. From favorable dancing found in the Old Testament to the inappropriate dancing found today, dancing appears in many different types and styles. For the Christian, caution must be exhibited when dealing with this issue. Speaker: Donald Gelles Date: March 8th, 2020 PM

Multiplicity Of Ministers


Timothy, was He the FIrst Youth Minister? Was Paul or Peter consider a Lead Minister? Today, in Modern Day Ministries, we have Lead Minister, Executive Minister, Teaching Minister, Outreach Minister, Youth Minister and Kid’s Minister. Are these just Modern TItles for ministers like Paul, Timothy, Philip, Tychicus, Epaphras, and Titus? Speaker: Donald Gelles Date: March […]



What Is Non-Institutionalism? It is a certain segment of congregations among the Churches Of Christ who seek to promote an ultra-religious view of the scriptures. For example, their view does not use the building for eating, or “fellowship”. They oppose congregations giving money to other congregations to assist in doing work together. The 5 beliefs […]

Religious Holidays


Celebrating Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween In The Lord’s Church has become very popular. Beginning in the mid-80’s liberal congregations began to incorporate into their worship the celebrating of religious holidays. We will look only at the religious holidays in the Lord’s church, not secular celebrations. Is their support in scripture for religious holidays to […]